Our Quality

Work with a team of highly qualified leaders, manage standardized processes and in harmony with the environment, based on the development of a culture of permanent improvement, for that purpose, in Truchas Belmira SAS, productivity, safety, good service and a permanent offer of products is a conviction, that is why every day, the national and international markets recognize us as a company of HIGH QUALITY.

World First rainbow trout producer to earn BAP Certification

Quality Objectives


Develop and establish strategies to achieve high levels of satisfaction and recognition of our customers at national and international level in the medium term.

Satisfied customers / Customers surveyed.90%Biannual – Yearly
Complaints filed / Number of clients.0-1Monthly
Standardized processes / Identified processes.100%Biannual
Effective improvements / Improvements formulated.80%Biannual


Perform the implementation of an organizational design by processes in order to identify, document, and standardize them in TRUCHAS BELMIRA SAS.


Guarantee in production, processing and in the market products conforming to the technical and quality specifications.

Total non-conforming product / Total production.90%Monthly
Total product returned / Total product shipped.90%Monthly
Collaborators with satisfactory evaluation / No. of evaluated.90%Biannual
No. Satisfied / No. of respondents.0-1Yearly


Establish human talent development processes, in order to maintain a plant of leading and innovative collaborators against the requirements of the organization.


Consolidate and position the brand and products of the organization in the market through a solid strategy of market penetration at a national and international level.

No. of current clients / No. of potential clients.80%Biannual
Units produced / Production costs.To defineBiannual


Implement strategies to increase productivity (more with less) in production and processing in order to develop competitiveness standards.